Are you a business owner who would like to raise your profile in order to stand out and be known as the expert within your niche?


Are you ready to step into your greatness, be discovered by your soulmate client and hit your life, business and financial goals?


I am an intuitive business and marketing coach and I help business owners and budding entrepreneurs increase their visibility by teaching them the power of mindful marketing. If you are looking for support and guidance in successfully marketing your business then I can give you the tools to gain more clarity, confidence, exposure and sales by sprinkling in the magic of manifestation, law of attraction and mindset mastery. 


I believe that it is your divine birth right to be successful and abundant in all aspects of your life and business and it is my mission to help you achieve all that you seek. 

My coaching services have been crafted and created with the visionary and light leader in mind and for the entrepreneur and business owner who knows that they were not born to fit into any kind of mould.

I am a multi dimensional entrepreneur with over 10 years experience in business. I am a professional hula hoop performer and qualified pilot turned PR & media professional who has helped entrepreneurs get featured in the media on multiple occasions. I have had to jump through many hoops on my own journey and it is now my mission to be able to support, educate, motivate, inspire and ignite that fire that lives within YOU as you jump through and navigate the hoops of your own business journey.

Hannah Charlotte X


Sophie White - Founder of Hill Head Beauty & Aesthetics

Hannah is very knowledgeable and great at motivating, which gave me the push I needed to fully launch my business. You can tell that she is passionate and genuinely cares about what she does. I love that it is a group coaching too, as I connected with some lovely, like-minded individuals and we were able to share and discuss ideas via the Facebook group. Since taking the course, my business has increased revenue and grown in online following! Thank you Hannah'


Zoe Walker - Abstract Artist

‘I’ve progressed in so many ways in just 8 weeks, thank you so much Hannah Charlotte. The biggest shift for me has been releasing the money block I had and the fear of people judging me. I now know my worth, I know my soulmate clients are out there and I actually enjoy showing up on social media everyday and building my community. One of the most helpful parts of the course has been all the tips and tricks on building your social media, email platforms and website editing.

Shailly Sardana - Owner of Shailly's Bollifit

Hannah is very approachable and gives very practical advice which you can relate to. This course has helped me a lot especially when it comes to social media. I would definitely recommend Hannah’s course as she genuinely will help you to succeed


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